Profile: Hannah Hewetson

Hannah Hewetson is a final year student of the BA in Marketing with Advertising & Online Media at Waterford Institute of Technology. Throughout her time in WIT, Hannah received a Dean’s List Award for two successful years running and is aiming for a 1.1 upon graduation. Hannah is a country-music fan and runs her own fashion/lifestyle blog, Red Thread Style. In her spare time, Hannah likes to read, watch movies and spend time online browsing content that’s related to fashion and business- but according to Hannah, after spending eight months in Dublin (where she interned at Guns Or Knives- an advertising agency) she found herself more immersed in the world of fitness and shopping!

Many years before her experience at Guns Or Knives, Hannah volunteered as a steward every year for Spraoi, an international festival of street theatre and world music which takes place annually in Waterford. Almost immediately after starting her bachelor’s degree at WIT, Hannah began her move towards marketing-based experiences, performing market research jobs with her free time, obtaining work placement in Waterford-based agencies, working as a student ambassador for WIT and even engaging herself in the WIT Business Society- as one of the committee members who helped to revamp it after disbandment. Through her time in the Business Society, Hannah felt she found a family, and together they organised several very successful events, including Business Day (an event which is headlined by various guest speakers and alumni of WIT), and the Business Ball, which tickets were sold out for in mere hours.


When asked about her strengths, Hannah told me that when she was younger, people would view the fact that she couldn’t stop talking as a flaw- however Hannah embraces this as a strength and affirms that it’s important to really sell who you are as a person, and really be true to yourself. In addition to her bubbly, outgoing nature, Hannah stated that she is an incredibly organised person, almost to a meticulous level. In five years time, Hannah will be 26 years old and hopes to have a good career standing, perhaps living abroad (with Paris being a strong contender!) Hannah’s dream job would be to become an account manager or brand manager, and expressed interest in fashion being incorporated into her career- such as by working with a fashion-based client like Burberry. Within a role as an account manager, she would love the chance to be a mentor to an interning account executive, and to know that her views and opinions are being valued as she shares her experience.

Hannah identified a number of people that have influenced her the most. From a college perspective, Hannah is inspired by Marie O’Dwyer, one of her lecturers, citing that Marie has a passion for what she teaches, is really approachable and truly makes an effort to get to know her students. The young final year student also identified several of her colleagues from Guns Or Knives who have influenced her career path- namely: Bronagh O’Donovan, Roisin Field and Zara Flynn. Finally, Hannah says that a large amount of her drive and determination comes from her two older sisters, who have each built successful careers for themselves and gotten to travel around the world. Both achieving first class honours in their respective bachelor’s degrees, Hannah says that there’s a lot of pressure for her to also reach this goal, but jokes that neither of them got a Dean’s List Award for two years in a row. However, no one inspires Hannah like Coco Chanel, because of her ability to start small and eventually become a legacy, and she is drawn to her famous quote:

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

When asked to provide advice to someone who is due to graduate shortly, Hannah said that it’s important not to be afraid to call yourself a geek or a nerd, acknowledging how fun it can be to have a good time, drink and go out, but also stating that it’s important to get the head down, because in 10 years time, that just isn’t going to stand to you. As for herself, Hannah loves to read and is thoroughly interested in what she studies, and stresses the importance of really engaging in lectures and with lecturers- who are, after all, there to help you get that degree.

Connect with Hannah on LinkedIn!


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